What have I learned in TEN years working at IBM?

As some already know, I’m leaving IBM after ten years. This is my last day.

I’m super excited to start a new chapter in my professional career but I want you to know how much I enjoyed working here.

During all this time I worked at IBM, I went through several projects, I had the opportunity to learn many things, to meet extraordinary people.

I wrote two books, was invited to give an international lecture in San Francisco, I published a patent and I was one of those chosen for the Corporate Service Corps (a very big recognition).

I learned the importance of giving and asking for feedback, communication (writing and face-to-face), collaboration and respect, and so on. Many things I did not know the value I had.

I leave for the only reason I saw to leave, to fulfill the dream of living and working in Canada.

I hope I can play my role and have the same success there. I take with me everything I’ve learned, and a little from each of the people I’ve worked with.

Working at IBM was the best example of a GAIN X WINS relationship that I was able to experience. I leave proud of my historical and hopeful with my future.

If you had the opportunity to have worked with me here, thank you very much.

One last message I leave to anyone who stays: