Second Screen game

Creating a Second Screen Quiz with React Native

I have created a complete application with API to connect in the database (MongoDB), administrative area in React.js and mobile application in a single project.

I’ve used a library with web and mobile versions to create a manageable Quiz. I worked with the creation of an administrative area on the web, to register the questions and answers, user and mobile administration, create an application for administrative data, answer the user’s response questionnaire.

For this practical project, I used Redux to get the version of the applications. In addition, I also used ReduxSauce and Redux-thunk to streamline the entire workflow and achieve greater productivity. For the front end we will use a CoreUI, an administrative interface ready for React.

In the mobile version I used NativeBase. It is a framework for creating screens, much like the famous Bootstrap.

I have created all systems, session, security points, performance, authentication, communication, communication through requisitions, API creation, data interpretation, formatting and more.