HPD (High Performance Dashboard)

The High Performance Dashboard application is a new Executive Dashboard to show metrics to IBM’s CEO and Senior Vice Presidents and related persons within IBM who need insight into the business and make decisions accordingly.

The solution is required to be available on Mobile-IOS and Desktops and must perform well and respond quickly to requests which will retrieve data from IBM CIO’s Business Analytics Hosting Environment, which is be used to retrieve and combine the required data from IBM’s trusted systems.

It was built using the Node.js Platform. Some key things to understand about the application are:

  • The application is written entirely in Javascript (both frontend and backend)
  • The application leverages the Node.js on backend and Angular.js plus Cordova on frontend
  • The application is an Angular.js application and leverages many additional frameworks such as Bootstrap, D3, lodash, Passport, Redis, etc.

The application has just been totally refactored in order to apply modern libraries, create visualizations, Single Sign On authentication and allowing C3 and D3 charts reuse.