Co-author of IBM Redbooks Enhancing the IBM Power Systems Platform with IBM Watson Services (Austin/TX)

Enhancing the IBM Power Systems Platform with IBM Watson Services

Authors: Scott Vetter, Ahmed Azraq, Soheel Chughtai, Ahmed (Mash) Mashhour, Duy V Nguyen, Reginaldo Marcelo Dos Santos


This IBM Redbooks publication provides an introduction to the Power processor architecture. It describes the IBM Power processor and IBM Power Systems. Highlighting the advantages and benefits of IBM Power Systems, IBM AIX®, IBM i, and Linux on Power.

This publication showcases typical busines scenarios that are powered by Power Systems. It provides an introduction to the Artificial Intellegence (AI) capabilities that Watson™ services enables, and how these AI capabiliites can be augmented into existing applications. Making use of an agile aproach to embed intelligence into every operational process. For each use case the business benefits of adding in Watson services is detailed.

This publication gives an overview to each Watson service, and how each one is commonly used in real business scenarios. It gives an introduction to the Watson API explorer which can be used to try out the APIs and their capabilities. The Watson services are positioned against the machine learning capabilities of IBM PowerAI.

In this edition you will find a guide into how to set up a development environment on Power, a sample code implementation of one of the business cases, and a description of best practices to move any application you develop into production.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM Power Systems
Chapter 2. Introduction to IBM Watson Services, and REST
Chapter 3. Typical Power System applications
Chapter 4. Set up the environment
Chapter 5. Deploy a Node.js application that integrates with Watson services
Chapter 6. Use case implementation for AIX and Linux on Power
Chapter 7. Use case implementation for IBM i
Chapter 8. Deploying into production
Appendix A. Set up and configuration of the IBM DB2 server
Appendix B. Additional material

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